Highpoly – WIP

One more drop…



Some people asked me about the matcap I used for the metal parts… I just made a variation of another metal I’ve downloaded at Pixologic’s Download Center. In case you want to test it, here is the link dark-metal

Armor – WIP

Working on the armor. Still a lot to do.

As Jon commented on the previous post, I’m looking for a strong contrast between the armor and the weapon, as they belong to opposite worlds.


Final Idea

Did some more testing and got this “final” idea. Some things may still change during modeling, but I don’t think I will drift too much from this.


The Background Story

Finally translated from Portuguese:

Natania – Demon Princess.

She was raised by her loving father, Satan. Her mother perished during the Holy Wars when she was still a baby.

Every night, in bedtime, her father would tell her stories of that period, of how God betrayed his people, of how they were proscribe from Heaven and locked in Hell by the power of the divine troops, under the command of the sanguinary General-Archangel Gabriel, the Butcher.

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