It’s been a while…

Since I’ve published my last website, about three years ago, a LOT has changed on my life.

Back then I was leaving Ignis Games, a Brazilian game developer that had to shut their doors due to financial problems, and since I didn’t want to go back into advertisement (I used to make illustrations for advertisement companies in Brazil) I decided to focus my efforts into getting new contacts in the game industry.

No better way to start that than preparing an online portfolio.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough professional experience for a solid portfolio, it was basically personal works only.

But since then I have participated in several amazing projects as freelancer (special thanks to Liquid Development and their amazing team), and I’m now working at BioWare Austin, as Senior Character Artist.

I thought it was time for a new portfolio.

So here it is: Manufato.

Manufato is a Portuguese word. It comes from Latin: Manufacto. It means: Handmade.

Because we are not just clicking buttons… right?

Hello world!


Welcome to Manufato!

I’m reorganizing my portfolio, adding some stuff…

Please browse the portfolio using the links above, and forgive me for the mess, I’m still cleaning up the place.